Discover Your Lifestyle

With 6 categories that cover everything from modern, to rustic, to traditional design, we have a lifestyle that fits you, your taste and your space.

Villa Sonoma Where rustic design is elevated.

Authentic | Reclaimed | Warm | Earthy

You take pleasure in simple luxuries and adore slightly worn, well-crafted furnishings. Above all, you want a cozy, charming home that delights the senses.

Life in Motion Where comfort is activated.

Movement | Function | Technology | Relief

You take lounging seriously and expect designs that perform above and beyond, whether with their range of movement, smart features or comfort-enhancing amenities.

Newport Estates Where traditional design is reinvented.

Elegant | Refined | Classic | Old World

You appreciate the history and formality of classic style, but you’re looking for updated color palettes, freshened-up patterns and streamlined details.

Westside Loft Where modern design is amplified.

Minimal | Contemporary | Clean | Sleek

You’re drawn to light, airy, minimalist settings and constantly keep an eye out for trend-conscious yet timeless furnishings.

Studio 7 Where value is unlimited.

Affordable | Universal Appeal | Relaxed

Your style is flexible, you love a great deal, and it’s most important for you to create a space that’s inviting and easygoing.

Casual Living Where practical design is perfected.

Practical | Versatile | Comfortable | Convenient

You’re all about easy, fuss-free furnishings and want an extremely comfortable, functional home that adapts to you.