San Leandro

250 Floresta Blvd San Leandro, CA 94578 Directions
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San Leandro Store Reviews

Pleasantly surprised. They had nothing I wanted, but the experience was a positive one anyway. No high-pressure selling. My one interaction with an employee was very positive. Prices clearly marked on everything. Even though I didn't buy anything, I felt like I could trust this store. The only thing that was a bit disappointing was the selection of alternative entertainment centers, I'll call them. In 2018 most televisions no longer require a lot of Hardware underneath. Yet, everything they had that you would put underneath the television, even an enormous wall-mounted flat-screen, accommodated a stack of electronic equipment.

Scott HumphreyFeb 17, 2018

Very clean and organized. A huge space with a massive selection of indoor furniture, decorations, and beds. They had a very friendly staff who all had great smiles. The actually quality of the furniture seemed pretty average and the prices reflected that nothing extremely overpriced but it's not a bargain by any means.

SaintPineappleJan 30, 2018

We had an excellent experience at Living Spaces. Right when we walked in we were greeted by Jimmy who let us know he would help us with what we needed and made sure we knew about the deals going on without being too pushy. When we decided on our couch the lady in the rug department (we forgot her name) she had long braided hair was a doll to us and gave us 25% off. We ended up deciding on a rug and couldn’t believe the deal we got on it only being $200!! To top it off, we received a bed tour by Fabian who gave us such a good experience we decided on buying pillows with our purchase. We knew living spaces had the best deals going in, but now we know that they also have top notch customer service. Thank you to the crew today! We are so tickled with our purchases!!!

Ali BrubakerDec 26, 2017

Living Spaces, a great place to get furniture and decor. They are open late to shop after work. The showroom was filled with their products. The staff greeted you and was available to help right away. Found me exactly what I picked on website so I could see it in person and try out. Functional, good quality, good pricing, easy to order and get within a couple days. Highly recommend to everyone. Thanks again for making my experience great!!!

Tiffany SmithDec 15, 2017